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About Us

Children and adolescents with physical and / or mental disabilities in the West Bank live on the margins of society . Public support and education programs that give them a chance to lead a self-determined life are virtually non-existent. A statutory social security system is missing as well as a special financial support for people with disabilities.

With a team of Palestinian and German employees, LIFEGATE faces this challenge. Our work is based on our hope and love for all people, which is rooted in the Christian faith and flows into our work. People with disabilities are accepted and accepted by LIFEGATE. We help them build healthy self-esteem and trust - the key to motivating our learning program and their entire lives.

LIFEGATE in Beit Jala is the center and centerpiece of a wide-ranging rehabilitation network stretching from Ramallah in the north to Hebron in the south of the West Bank. Under the roof of our LIFEGATE house, which opened in 2012, there are workshops, therapy and school rooms, a restaurant and the administration.

At LIFEGATE, currently up to 35 children in the kindergarten receive early education and care, about 30 young people with disabilities receive a training place and so far 60 children with disabilities and disabilities a school place. Competent and experienced Arab and German specialists are involved in the following areas of work:

Medical rehabilitation
early Intervention
School rehabilitation
Mobile help on site
Vocational rehabilitation
Service Workshop
Protective workshop
In Germany, a community of former LIFEGATE employees and friends of LIFEGATE at Tor zum Leben eV are committed to the goals of the Beit Jala facility.