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About Us

The Popular Art Centre (PAC) is a Palestinian Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1987 to promote a vibrant and dynamic culture and art sectors in Palestine. The PAC seeks to create a cultural environment that facilitates the building of a stronger connection between Palestinians and arts and culture. It has also consolidated the role of the citizen by structuring the national and artistic character of dance and musical groups in Palestine.

PAC has through the years disseminated a culture of art through various local and international festivals as well as arts events. Moreover, it has organized training courses in the fields of dance and especially the popular dance; “Dabke”, as vehicle for dialogue and positive change. Furthermore, the PAC has implemented many educational and cultural projects and programs targeting various sectors of society, especially children and youth.

PAC has, over two decades, achieved success in consolidating community awareness and interest in arts and culture. Its activities have also expanded to include more areas, cities, villages and refugee camps in Palestine. Through its diverse activities, PAC has continues to promote cultural interaction between Palestine and the outside world