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The University of Palestine Technical - Kadoorie

About Us

The University of Palestine Technical - Kadoorie aims to provide distinguished technical education through high quality academic programs in university education and postgraduate studies and prepares qualified graduates who are able to contribute effectively to the future of their country and their nation by enriching the theoretical and practical knowledge in accordance with ethical , Social and cultural community standards, which includes a distinguished and diverse group of faculty members committed to improving the teaching process, producing innovative scientific and technical research and studies relevant to local and regional challenges through university governance, creating an enabling environment for education , learning, intellectual creativity, optimal employment of technology and local and global active partnerships.

Our Values :

Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie , believes in these valuable values :

Quality and excellence .
Outstanding performance bonus .
Leadership and team work .
Academic freedom .
Justice and equality .
Integrity , transparency and accountability .
Creativity , innovation , leadership and cooperation .
Openness and cooperation .
Diversity and sustainability .