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Tech Plast Co. for Industrial Eng.

About Us

TechPlast is the name of this company which started with confidence to prove its continued success in the sectors of the packing on the experience of more than sixteen years. Our experience is also based on success that maintains high-quality standards and keeps up with latest developments in the field.

Packing and filling in the present ages became not only the important features for successful marketing but also the most important monuments in the purchasing power of positive features of the product, commodity and consumer alike.
The process and stages of production all require packaging in a high level of professionalism and accuracy in a way to insure and keep the required specification for each product. These specifications start with the raw materials quality and end with the desired product item in the hands of the consumer.
We started producing plastic containers through Vaccum, Blowing, injection and Injection Blow Processes. However, we now use a number of different methods to produce PET jars and PET bottle containers which TechPlast. starting producing in 2006. Two years later, Tech. Plast. starting producing PET preforms. This has given us the ability to use a range of different production techniques, which has the certainly gained us both a First-Class name and flexibility to meet the needs of our customers and market.
Since our ambition and success have no limits, Tech.Plast. has become a standout and sign for creativity, innovation and excellence. We have attained advanced levels in the production of plastic containers. Our ability to meet our customer demands has made us a leading name in this field as we can design and produce the mold according to any customer demand. Also we could specify both a special logo, to be engraved on the mold, as well as a special product color for each of our customer.
With a 100% domestic capital Tech.Plast. produces over a hundred -Million containers every year. These are different in capacity, ranging from 30-ml to 5 Liters containers Which are being produced through different multi-system machines to become one of the biggest plastic molding regional company.
Tech.Plast has proudly been serving the local community for the past sixteen years. Our ambition extends beyond that to include the international markets, we are certain that with our ambition and creativity, we will be closer to you than expected. You will soon experience the excellence of our name……TECH.PLAST