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About Us

"Our journey is marked with major milestones and landmarks. Overcoming challenges is what characterizes us, giving a special taste to each achievement we realize" Abdul Majed Melhem "- General Manager.

2007 saw Jawwal hit a total of 1 million subscribers. In April 2010, Jawwal subscriber base surpassed the 2 million subscribers.

Today, proudly serving more than 2.75 million subscribers and addressing the needs of each individual and segment in the market, Jawwal has built up a strong base of trust, efficiency and reliability with its subscribers.

Since its inception, Jawwal has come a long way in establishing itself as the leading telecommunication provider with an 77% share of the Palestinian market.
Being a pioneer of promoting international standards of preserving the environment in Palestine, in 2004 Jawwal was awarded the globally recognized International Environmental Management System Certificate (ISO 14001).

With an extensive network of 29 stores, more than 1,000 major and primary distributors, and 10,000 outlets in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip serving subscribers in every corner of the country, Jawwal has successfully become the 'right hand' of its subscribers to stay connected with one another and grow their businesses.

Travelling abroad no longer means you have to keep out of touch. Jawwal helps you stay connected with everyone from anywhere you go around the globe with an extensive roaming network of 436 operators in 170 countries and a coverage level of 98% from the West Bank and Gaza.

In a market dominated by illegal Israeli operators, the mission is never an easy one. Jawwal has been operating in one of the most competitive telecommunication markets in the Middle East, nevertheless, moved forward to provide higher quality services parallel to those offered in the European countries.

Late in 2001, Jawwal was confronted by a serious challenge with the Israeli authorities banning it from getting any equipment into the country. This had held back growth plans for years.

In 2005, Jawwal resorted to installing switches and base-stations in London,-UK to be the first operator in the world which serves its subscribers in one cotenant while using core network nodes in another cotenant thousands of miles away.

In addition to the aforementioned bizarre circumstances, Jawwal has always been struggling with the limited frequency allocated by Israel, namely that used by the third generation technology (3G).

The journey was not easy; it is a result of rigorous planning and determination in the face of huge challenges. Jawwal team has long set heart on providing the best service to our subscribers and fulfilling the needs of all subscribers segments.

Payment Methods

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