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Business Women Forum - Palestine

About Us

Company Overview
We are a national non-profit association based in Ramallah, registered with the appropriate authorities under the number (RA-22420-c). The Forum was established in 2006 by a group of businesswomen who either own or run an organization, company or project.

The Forum has set a number of specific developmental aims to facilitate the achievement of its global aims. These include:

1.To develop businesswomen’s skills through organizing specialized training programs to encourage women to integrate in the business sector and take part in the financial activity, in addition to developing their abilities to run companies.
2.To establish a database of businesswomen in Palestine.
3.To strengthen the participation of Palestinian businesswomen in economical conferences abroad.
4.To strengthen the networking between Palestinian businesswomen themselves and with their counterparts abroad.
5.To strengthen the relationship between this forum and other governmental and non-governmental organizations and associations.
6.To establish committees that will represent the members and defend their interests within the appropriate authorities.
7.To publish and produce leaflets and brochures and specialized studies related to the development of Palestinian businesswomen.

Target groups

*. All Palestinian businesswomen and those conducting businesses in Palestine.
*. All Palestinian women who have the ambition or potential to become businesswomen.