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H Shaheen Co. for Gaz & Home Appliances
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About Us

Hamza Shahin offers a wide range of services to be of first-class customer satisfaction and to provide what the community needs of services lead to product advancement which the company aims to marketing and access to the level of customer satisfaction.

Among the most important services that the company seeks to absorb and excellence of customer service where the Group is the customer is the first element that should interest and focus from interest import featured product and sale prices, low-cost and deal with it without contempt and to provide the necessary maintenance of the product as well as communication with the customer after purchase of the product and guidance on how to use it and run it. Highlighting the importance of the customer group has worked to create a special section for technical support in order Highness eminence and objectives of the group, namely Haouz on customer satisfaction.

The services provided by the group also maintenance service where she worked for the group to create a partition and the maintenance of the group which seeks to provide a large number of pieces for various products.

The group aims to seek excellence that you are importing the product and delivering it to the local market in order to progress the level of the company and seeking to come into customer satisfaction.

The services provided by the service group is characterized by the mobilization and delivery of gas cylinders and tanks of all sizes and types that they put the company through this service to reach customers on their satisfaction and space as well as the excellence of this service from other competitors.


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