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Palestinian Market Development Programme PMDP

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The Palestinian Market Development Programme (PMDP), is funded by UK Department for International Development (DFID) and European Union (EU) in-cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy and .implemented by DAI Europe over a period of five years in the OPT, with offices both in Ramallah and Gaza.
The programme has been designed to improve market systems and improve the competitiveness of the Palestinian private sector. PMDP aims to improve private sector competitiveness through technical assistance and matching grants. Additionally, PMDP will work on strengthening trade and investment linkages as well as linkages with. the Palestinian Diaspora to play an active role in economic development in the OPTs.

Programme key outputs:
Output 1: Improved Private Sector Skills and Innovation - Provide matching grants and technical assistance to firms or consortia – under a competitive process, which specifically help firms to innovate and develop their.products/services, improve processes and enter into new markets.

Output 2: Address Market System Failures in Specific Sectors - Undertake market analysis and facilitation to address market system failures by identifying how specific market systems operate, Identifying what factors drive under performance, and facilitate improved performance and value chain integration and sharing of knowledge.and best practice.

Output 3: Strengthening Trade and Investment Linkages with International Markets - Provide technical assistance to key market institutions to encourage and support foreign and local investment in Palestine. This component will also include support to the establishment of a cadre of commercial representatives in key markets to promote trade and investment, and will work to mobilize Palestinian Diaspora to explore opportunities to transfer.knowledge and improve linkages on trade and investment.