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Nablus Circus School- Assirk Assaghir

About Us

Mission :

Assirk Assaghir (a non-profit, non-governmental organization) is a social circus committed to the principles of freedom of expression, the right to play and the right to education for all children and youth. Through circus and performing arts we aim to support children and youth denied these rights by providing them with: a safe, educational space in which they can explore their creativity and learn new skills while building confidence and freely expressing themselves; and circus performances that promote fun, relaxation and laughter. We strive to achieve these goals effectively and efficiently, focusing on the safety of the child, gender equality and non-discriminatory participation in all activities.

Vision :

Assirk Assaghir envisions a world in which all children and youth have access to spaces in which they can explore their creativity and enjoy freedom of expression and their right to play; socioeconomic status would not be a barrier to any person's ability to access the arts and cultural activities; and girls and boys would have equal access to artistic, cultural and physical extracurricular activities.