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Al Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art

About Us

Al-Ma’mal is a non-profit organisation founded to promote, instigate, disseminate and create art. Founded in 1997, Al-Ma’mal serves as an advocate for contemporary art and a catalyst for the realization of art projects in Jerusalem, inviting artists to the city to develop, produce and present their work to the public. Through our main programs: the Artists’ Residency, The Jerusalem Show, the New Art School, the Public Outreach Program, and the Contemporary Art Museum – Palestine (CAMP); we provide a medium and a channel through which we try to contribute towards the activation of cultural dynamics within society, giving art more possibilities to become a mode of expression and a way of life. Al-Ma’mal is determined to make Jerusalem a center for contemporary art, in spite of the situation on the ground and in honor of Jerusalem’s own enduring qualities as a complex, culturally rich ageless city.