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About Us

Sinokrot Food Company has become a largely recognized name in the Palestinian and regional food industry markets. This is due to its ability to lead the agro-industry sector with its comparative advantages, and ability to emulate imported products. In order to provide affordable food products with the highest quality, and to ensure that we contribute to the development of the Palestinian industrial sector, we make sure that our production lines are continuously improved and developed to meet international standards.

As of today, we produce more than 60 different products through 12 modern production lines in accordance with international quality and health standards. Some of our most renowned product names include: Ali Baba, Ali Baba/ Gifts, Jericho Wafer, 2 For You Wafer, Sinokrot Wafer, Sababa Nougat (4 products), Marsh, Zaki, Toffee Nut, Rollo, Rolls Royce, Noody loose, Noody Fola & Boy, Noody 48 pieces, Marie Biscuit, Family Cookies 300 gm, Family Cookies 600 gm, Jammy, Noody tubes, as well as Kanz Wafer (fortified with vitamins and iron).

Sinokrot Food Company employs more than 250 employees from 65 different Palestinian cities and villages, providing for over 1,500 members of our Palestinian community. Our company has a local market share of about 30%, and exports its products to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United States, and England. We are the first Palestinian company to receive an international certificate for quality management (ISO 2000) for the year 1996. We are also the first regional company to produce fortified food products to help solve the dilemma of malnutrition among Palestinian children. Our products today are distributed to over 4,000 selling and distribution outlets in the local market, with the help of our notable business partners: W.F.P, ANERA and the Islamic Development Bank.


Ali Baba