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Al-Andalus Software Development & Technology  (ASD)
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About Us

Al-Andalus Software Development (ASD) is a Software and Information Technology firm ‎established in 1998 and based in the city of Ramallah - Palestine. ASD specializes in the fields of ‎management, financial and business enterprise Information Systems design and customization.‎
We have considerable hands-on experience developing and ‎implementing customized high-tech software solutions in Palestine and ‎the region, and we provide a wide range of services, including consulting and arabization and localization, as well as outsourcing and training. ‎
ASD is proud to have 17 software products, in several industries, and a wide range of loyal customers. ASD's customers are not only local companies and NGO's, but also regional and ‎international customers, in places such as Jordan, UAE, and Iraq.‎