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About Us

The Al-Mustaqbal Schools’ goal is to provide a quality national education program with the focus in developing individual personalities and abilities, while taking into account different individual learning needs. Al-Mustaqbal Schools is always aiming to provide a quality education by pursuing the development of curricula and improving teaching methods through its dedicated faculty members. Therefore, the schools are committed to the following principles:

National Education: Al-Mustaqbal Schools aim in promoting a national education initiative through lectures and maintaining continual awareness of the student body for the purpose of creating future leaders who can make suitable decisions and have the commitment to the homeland and country, in order to achieve the school’s philosophy and vision.
Quality teaching and learning: Al-Mustaqbal Schools utilize modern teaching techniques and assessment methods with special attention to individuals who need help. This approach will create student innovation and critical thinking.
The development of individual personality: Al-Mustaqbal Schools’ students are the leaders of the future and we aspire to build a promising personality in each one of them by allowing them to participate in the decision-making process. This encourages their commitment to the nation in general and the institution in particular.
Equality among individuals: We believe every student has capabilities and attributes. The school and its employees are required to learn each student’s potential in order to mentor them in making the appropriate decisions and inform them of their rights and responsibilities regardless of their social status, culture, sex and religion. Everyone is equal and has the right to express his or her opinion and respect the opinions of others.